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First Time Client Offer

Free Zoom Call So We Can.....

Meet Each Other

We meet and get to know each other a bit 


Share your current challenges and here how Gina can help

See if We Fit

We won't know until we meet. And then we'll know pretty quickly. 

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First Time Client Offer

Free Zoom Call So We Can.....

Meet Each Other

We meet and get to know each other a bit 


Share your current challenges and here how Gina can help

See if We Fit

We won't know until we meet. And then we'll know pretty quickly. 

Can't Stop Over-thinking?

I help you stop the mental spin, and connect to guiding truth so you can make good decisions

in your personal and professional relationships


with Decision Coach Gina Mongiello

Overthinking causes decision paralysis, exhaustion, and anxiousness. Costing you meaningful relationships and clear direction in your life. Thinking about this doesn't change it. Taking action does. 

  • In sessions you learn to:

  • Learn what perpetuates the mental spin so you can shift to a sense of calm

  • Slow your thinking so your inner compass can guide you 

  • Tap into your inner voice so you can better connect with loved ones

  • Direct your life's course, so you get to where you want, without regret

  • Create a system of success for decision-making to gain back time

  • Improve your sleep cycle so you feel energized all day


First Time Client Offer

Free Zoom Call So We Can.....

Meet Each Other

We meet and get to know each other a bit 


Share your current challenges and here how Gina can help

See if We Fit

We won't know until we meet. And then we'll know pretty quickly. 

A guide for the journey

I know what it’s like to think and think, thinking it will help you to :

  • make good decisions 

  • create fulfilling personal and professional relationships 

  • gain valuable ideas and insights 

  • find solutions to life-long problems

  • build a better life

But instead, overthinking spins your mental wheels, to the point where you feel frustrated, exhausted, and lonely.

Straightway Coaching helps you use buried creativity, feelings, action, and faith to balance out your thinking. With this combination, you learn to make decisions with ease. And all of your relationships take on new meaning. 

I struggled with having no sense of purpose, which often led to feelings of worthlessness. I used to give my thoughts a lot of power, and I often fell victim to the part of me that wanted to hurt and wallow in self-pity. In January, that all changed. Through work with Gina, and her incredible ability to incorporate Faith work in sessions, I spent more time with God and established a deeper relationship with Him. I was always a fan of coincidences, but now, I am able to see that everything happens for a reason because God makes a reason out of everything. Words cannot describe the relief and comfort knowing that God is present in my life, and Gina is here to help me. All Glory to God.

Giavanna S.

Gina does a tremendous job at pointing out blind spots allowing for exponential growth if you are willing to do the work. She is a tremendous listener who asks powerful questions and is authentic every step of the way. She prompts and guides the client back to themselves with a well rounded approach for significant growth, learning and self awareness… 

Taylar P.

I know I say this a lot and yet it feels like I can’t possibly say it enough, you have changed my vision of myself on so many levels. You have helped me heal me so much. I can never thank you enough. 

Amy Y.

3 Simple Steps to Start Working Together

Clarity Call on Zoom with me

  • Share what's happening with you

  • Learn about package options 

  • Get a sense of how well we work together

  • Choose Your Package

  • Private sessions or group classes 

  • Both options will help you deepen your inner compass

  • Life gets hectic when you rely on thinking alone

  • Get going; No wasted time

  • We begin as soon as you're ready 

  • Get the support you need to make clear decisions 

  • Live a high-quality life with clarity and deep meaning

  • Don't waste another day in spiraling thoughts, make a decision today


    Clear decisions and healthy relationships are yours

    You want to be an intuitive decision-maker who has meaninfgul personal and professional relationships. This requires you to activate your inner compass so you feel guided in your decisions.

    Because no matter how much time you spend thinking, thoughts won't guide you. Instead they'll leave you feeling paralyzed about your direction and your decisions.

    You are capable of making intuitive decisions. As you organize your thoughts and activate your inner compass your decisions get easier and your relationships transform. 

    I know how debilitating it can be to think and think without coming to a decision. This can go on for days, months, even years. There's a tendency to think that more thinking will help. When all it does it get you further away from a good decision and more meaningful relationships. Losing time and purpose. 


    I’ve been helping people just like you to sort through their thoughts for over a decade. Helping you activate your buried creativity, use your feelings for gain, take imperfect action, and cultivate faith. My methods will help you, just like they've helped others. 

    Book a call to start, let's see we’re a good fit. The call will bring clarity. 

    In the time between, download the Five Step Guide to Turn Your Feelings Into Friends: Navigating Feelings for Effective Decision Making in Your Personal and Professional Relationships.

    The guide will help you break free from decision paralysis and into a creative step-by-step process to good decision-making. Your professional and personal relationships will benefit. 

    Download the 5 Step Guide



    • Lose money on mountains of self-help books

    • I bet you've purchased lots of books in search of ways to help yourself. No more! You will learn all the tools you need to get to success in your thinking and your relationships. 

    • Lose money on ineffective monthly subscriptions  

    • Monthly subscriptions are fantastic if they engage you and hold you accountable. But most don't. It's time to make good decisions and let go of ongoing subscriptions that aren't helping.

    • Lose intimacy in your relationships

    • When you spend lots of time in your head, your loved ones feel like you aren't fully with them. This leaves your relationships strained, like there is something in between you. 

    • Lose countless hours thinking instead of enjoying

    • Over-thinking robs you of fully enjoying your life. You never feel quite right in any situation. It often feels like something is missing but you don't know what. 

    • Lose precious sleep at night 

    • Your spinning thoughts may keep you up at night, or loop through your dreams, robbing you of the rest and sleep you need to feel energized during the day. 

    • Lose your felt connection to God 

    • The mind wants to figure everything out and it'll spend 24 hours a day doing so if you let it. This leaves no room for feelings, intuition, and faith which keep you in deeply felt connection with God. 

    This is too much to lose!

    Choose one of the options below to put a stop to over-thinking today 

    Conflict Resolution for Over-Thinkers


    (4) private 90 minute sessions for 1 month

  • Get expert support resolving a current conflict

  • Receive creative insights on how to approach this conflict, as well as future conflicts  

  • No more ruminating. You'll gain peace of mind, better health, and deeper relationships

  • Know without doubt how to proceed with what has you feeling troubled today


    Inner-Compass Activation


    Pay in full for the 6 months & receive 3 special bonuses*

    (24) private 90 minute sessions for 6 months

  • Identify & understand your core values so you can live congruent with them

  • Receive inner guidance to make good decisions all ares of your life 

  • Learn key techniques that keep you clear & confident

  • Tap into your intuition to reveal your path ahead

  • Get messages from feelings so they become tools you know how to use

  • Use your sensitivity as a gift, bringing it on stage instead of keeping it behind the curtain

  • Develop more meaningful relationships

  •  Disable the imposter and kiss perfection goodbye to live a life of success 


    Over-thinkers Club


    (1) group class per month on Zoom

    • Use the power of reflection to make good decisions and break free from troubling thoughts

    • Take steps without needing to be perfect

    • Use your feelings for your gain

    • Deepen faith to soar through ups & downs

    • Get support and friendship from a like-minded community



    Sessions will help you....

    • Lessen daily worry and learn to trust that you are being guided 

    • Show up for life and relationships in ways that feel authentic 

    • Learn how to use feelings as tools without letting them take over 

    • Weed out unhelpful thoughts to restore your mind to peace

    • Solve problems that overthinking can't help

    • Discover tools to calm your thoughts, day and night

    • Feel less stressed and more loved in your relationships

    • Move ahead of the doubt and show up confident in your life